35 and Pregnant ( For the first time )

“ Elderly” in the language of obstetrics, refers to expectant mothers who are 35 or over. Oh well but you never too old to wish upon a star.

This is my journal of my first pregnancy on my 35 years young.. Nothing I would regret for this next step in my life!

At the end of 2017, hubby & I had conversations about start a family and we decided to try this year (2018)..

These questions and doubt haunted me :

Will I be a good mom?

Are we ready for this?

Will my life change after the baby?

All “ What If “ questions…


Last day in Anaheim I noticed something different on my body and right away we home I took the pregnancy test. I was nervous while waited for the test pack result.. my heart beat ran fast. When found out that it was positive I was nervous and happy at the same time.


Baby B’s First Picture

The first trisemester was hard, I had nausea.. kept vomit; morning, day and night. I lost 7 pounds (3,1 kg) in a month. And finally getting better after 15 weeks of pregnancy.


Worry not, I didn’t loss appetite!

My pregnancy craving was Spicy Eggplants (terong balado), cheeseball and French fries! I could eat a party bag of chips by my self! 9 wings for supper, 3 bowls of sis’s homemade meatball, big bowl of ice cream alone.. oh baby are you hungry there??


I didn’t realize that I wear the same outfit for my first & second appointment, I must really love this outfits!


14 Weeks pregnancy

This pregnancy change me :

1. I experienced what people called “ Pregnancy Glow “, my complexion so much better during the pregnancy.

2. Normally I only like black and dark outfit but since pregnant I love colorful outfit. Shhh don’t tell Matt that I also love shopping since the pregnancy!

3. I love this shiny and healthy hair! love to curl my hair!

4. Emotional changes, I started to cry when I was sad, started to cry when I was mad and started to cry when I was happy.

5. For sure my body changes; For the first time in my life, cleavage! Chubby cheeks, double chins and absolutely my belly grows… baby bump getting bigger every week.


5 Months Pregnancy

Baby is the size of an ear of corn


We waited till Father’s Day to open the envelope. Look how happy he was!


Love this cake!


What I hate being pregnant:

I was super-anxious during my first trisemester, like ; is the baby ok there? What should I do? Is this food allow? What should I avoid??

Nausea, heartburn & vomit.

The pain.. Abdominal pain.. Back pain.

Sleepless night.

And Oh no no.. never ever catch cold when you pregnant. I caught cold twice while I’m pregnant and those weren’t fun at all!!!

Noted. My essential items during pregnancy : Prenatal Vitamin, Tylenol, Ice Packs, Belly butter and Epsom salt Bath ( bubble bath & bath bomb)

What I love being pregnant :

1. I feel Beautiful, I’m not talking about how I look.. but it’s how I feel. I wear no make-up but I still feel beautiful. I love my body more than ever, this bump just cute, even if I walk like a penguin I still feel wonderful about my body.

2. I eat healthier, drink more water, and carefully read ingredient labels. Suddenly, it matters more what I put in my body. No sashimi!! But I survived so far!!

3. I love feeling my baby move. I don’t remember exact date when I feel the baby move for first time but it was around in the middle of May. It felt like little tickle and cute poke, day by day it getting stronger and I love it more.

June 16, 2018 : First time Matt felt the baby kick.

June 29, 2018 : First time could see the baby move.

4. Document the transformation of my bump.
By taking a bump photo at least once a month I would be able to observe and amuse myself with the extreme possibilities of my body.

5. Some strangers, just smiling right away when they see me, might be coz my cute bump or I look like penguin! No matter what the reason I just love to put smile on someone’s face.

6. Extra attention from everyone including strangers.

7. Matt spoils me. Who doesn’t spoil pregnant wife, right?!

8. Most of all I love the way I feel about this baby, I knew I love him before I met him!

26 Weeks pregnancy, baby 2.3 pounds


7 Months Pregnancy


Badlands, 29 Weeks 3 Days




August 30, 2018. Checked the bean field


Well, It was exactly 31 Weeks and 5 Days



4.14 pounds


Being pregnant on my 35 years old is profoundly challenging, I still active and do all activity like I normally do yet it’s demanding on so many exhausting levels. However I would never trade it for anything else, there isn’t anything I would possibly rather be right now than pregnant.

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12 responses to “35 and Pregnant ( For the first time )”

  1. Happy says:

    Selamat ya Ci Sari atas kehamilannya.

  2. Heidi says:


  3. fiberti says:

    Selamat mba Sari. Semoga lancar persalinannya ya. Hidung si dede mancung itu…hihihi..

  4. Congratulation beautiful Mom! Emang pas hamil bikin kulit glowing dan rambut cetarrrr, semoga lahirannya lancar ya, aamiin😊

  5. Hai Sari selamat yaa, semoga lancar sampai lahiran. HPL nya oktober?. Foto terakhir itu bukannya kg?, kalau 4.14 pounds sekitar 1,8 kg ko kecil banget deh, biasanya klo cowo lebih berat sih pengalamanku 😀 .

    • Makasih Nella, iya HPLnya October akhir. Bener dalam pound Nel, masa? Dokternya bilang malah baby nya gede nya lebih dari rata-rata dan semoga Ngga terlalu gede biar bisa stay di dalam sampai due date 😊

      • Nella Silaen says:

        ko aku konversi jadi 1,8 kg ya? aku yg salah kali ya? hehe. Masih sebulanan lagi sih ya. Dalam sebulan itu nanti bakalan gede. Dulu anak pertama aku pengen normal, dokternya ga kasih krn ktnya anaknya 4 kg an, trus aku org asia kecil, kuatir bayinya nyangkut.. yasud di sesar, bayinya beratnya 3,8 kg. Anak kedua di sesar juga, pdhl sdh lewat 2 hari dari HPL sdh sakit semalaman, eh masih bukaan 2 aja, aku minta sesar aja, dan nunggu di operasi sdh sakit2 melulu ..

  6. arman says:

    congrats yaaa…
    semoga sehat2 dan lancar2….

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