Hi welcome to my world!!


First of all, if you don’t know me personally and wonder how you can click or swipe this page, just believe that “We don’t meet by accident but for a reason” and I’m so gleeful you found me here.


Pic was taken by my photographer

I’m Indonesian from Jakarta, a city with bigger population than New York, and just moved to the small city of Ethan in South Dakota.


One of my favorite view at home ; Hay Bale. Pic taken by my sissy

Yep, My life had changed 180° from “Busy career woman” who never stayed at home ( unless I got sick ), I had meeting from mall to mall and now became “Mrs Farmer”, no mall, meet more cows than human. My sissy, Stephanie always says “Your life is like harvest moon game now “

It has not only changed my life but also my perspective of life, I appreciate nature more and cherish mother nature, no more selfie pic 😜 but now prefer to snap nature photography, anw all picture on my blog are taken by me unless stated, so please ask permission before use the photograph or link back to original post and credit to this blog.

Since I moved here some family & friends keep asking ;

” How’s your life there? ”

” What do you do for living there ?”

” How well you adapt there? ”

And others W5H questions ( What, why, who, where, when & how) 😜

Unique way to answer the questions address to me, with zero web design background and no writing skill, I started writing and sharing on this blog truly from my heart. Through my journey I also desire to inspire & encourage everyone (especially women) to live simple and love fiercely.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting my blog!


Coastal view, The Bondi to Coogee, Sydney. Pic by my sissy




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