Calving Season 2017

I love this time of year, new first experience as the cattlewoman. ” Calving season ” is lots of work for the farmer but nature inspires me everyday. Newborn calves are a wonder and I never get over the awe! The first baby calf this season was born on February 13′ 2017, Boo named her Emma and Second baby was born on March 1st and Boo named her Emma 2 and until today we already have at least 200 calves, and wish more to go 🙂

Emma, Our first calf in 2017

Calf was born during the snow

Everyday in the morning I go with Matt to check the cows and see if there are new babies or not, the record for this season was 16 babies a day woo such a big day . I like to see new babies that have unique faces, walking their first step, how cute if they try to milk and bond with the momma, and in the afternoon sometimes I go with Matt and Neal to tag the babies, I watch them sort and tag the babies not help at all ( ah I do photo documentation so It is help too ).

Some of the unique faces

We move cattle to different places and I experienced it is harder to move cows and the calves rather than only to move the cows, the cows seems to know where to go (greener grass) but the calves like to play or sometimes just lay down, don’t wanna move and I don’t have power to hold them they are way too heavy. After the cows already in new field and realize that the calves not there they panic and run to find the calves, that makes chaos.

Follow me to the green grass kid

Momma are eating, the babies are posing

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Fun Fact I never knew before :

9 states in US have more cattle than people, South Dakota  has the biggest ratio cattle per-person in US, followed by Nebraska and Montana ( source

A cow gives birth to a calf/twin after nine month pregnancy.

In cold weather this is the warmth place 😜

The average weight of a calf at birth is 63.6 pounds for females. Male calves weigh about 5 percent more at birth.

The baby calf born with teeth. 😳😜

The calf first 12 hours colostrum from its mother is the most important colostrum to provide antibody and immunity.

There’s nothing like a mother’s love, momma cows are no exception. They really love and protect their baby, they know which one is their baby from the smell, isn’t it amazing? but in special case like twins sometimes the momma only wants one baby.

Cow protected the baby, if you come closer maybe she will attack you

Momma confused which one is hers, twin problems


This is the story of Minnie, she was born at March 16 2017 as twin but her momma only wanted one baby so we bottle feed. Minnie didn’t eat really good and we found adopt mom for her, only in 2 days her new adoptive mom death so she came back to stay at barn and get bottle feed every day. Day by day she is getting stronger and such a cute baby calf and always hungry and try to chase and poke on my butt to find the milk, she also tries to find milk at Champ, since Champ is a really nice dog he doesn’t mind when Minnie so naughty to him.

Minnie posing while eating the grass

Minnie and Champ

Minnie and Charcie

Last Tuesday ( April 4 2017) we also had new bottle calf her name is Sassy, the case is same to Minnie, twins and the momma only want one baby so Minnie has new friend at the barn. Different to Minnie, Sassy more calm than Minnie while bottle feed. But only one day at the barn, I let Sassy play outside she was fast enough to run to the pasture across the street to find her momma ( poor baby, she come closer to every cows try to get milk but sometimes the cows get mean to other calves and kick her ) took me 2 hours to convince her to back home but the result is Zero, I’m not strong enough to hold her, until Neal came and help to get Sassy ).

Baby Sassy

She looks so serious, Jack Rabbit; another bottle calf

The funny things is when it is the feeding time I feed Minnie first and then Sassy, so every time I finish with Minnie and get the other bottle for Sassy, Minnie will chase me to back door and wait for me outside. so I tricked her to wait for me there and I go out thru front door. It is so funny to see her doing that and after I feed Sassy I call Minnie and maybe she wonder how come I get there while she waiting for me out of the door.

Since I play with the calves I don’t feel that manure “yucky and gross”, before I always watch my steps try to avoid step on cow dung but lately I don’t really care to step as long only my boots not my pants. My first experience with manure couple months ago when checked the cows.. I had no Idea how cow dung can fly to my lips ” yucksssss!!!”

Always new experience life in the Farm, Life in the farm ; Some call in the middle of nowhere but I call it center of my world. Calving season and spring ; everyday I can hear cows mooing and birds tweeting. I couldn’t ask for more but thanks be to God.

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  1. Charlene says:

    We thank God for you, Sari!!! Great job on the blog!

  2. Lud Hohm says:

    What a great job of sharing about the calving life…

  3. Christa says:

    Cool banget Sari! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  4. Fiberti says:

    what a wonderful experience you had mba…

  5. arman says:

    hihihi lucu… seru ya ngasih susunya. hahaha.
    baru tau kalo pregnancy nya juga 9 bulan. kayak manusia ya…

  6. Obadiah says:

    Great stuff Sari! Keep it coming. Try to get a photo of Matt posing with the cows 🙂

  7. monda says:

    seru baca ceritanya Sari…
    kasihan ya mama sapi nggak mau punya anak kembar, mungkin itu seleksi alam?
    mungkin karena susunya hanya cukup untuk anak sapi ya…

    wonderful, punya 16 bayi sapi dalam sehari…. hari yang sibuk pastinya ya ke sana sini nungguin bayi2 lahir

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