First Thanksgiving in USA!!

I know Thanksgiving celebration from some Hollywood movies, in the movies family having dinner; turkey for the meals, watching football & Macy’s Parade. Americans call the “Holiday season” generally begins with Thanksgiving, since I do not celebrate Thanksgiving day in Indonesia so this is it, MY First Thanksgiving  in USA!!

I was curious what is Thanksgiving all about so googling and found this


I will not discuss about the history behind Thanksgiving, but the picture explain how the Thanksgiving day begin. ( Source : Google)

It is the tradition in Bainbridge Family to have a lunch feast on Thanksgiving, so that I was excited to see what the Thanksgiving special menu are 😍🍗🦃

I came to Charlene (mom in law) house at 10 am to help her prepare the meals, but I didn’t help much only cut the potatoes that’s all I did 😶, she already prepared all stuff, the pies already line up and looks so yummy.


Blackberry Pie looks yummy


Thanksgiving ; family time, grandgirl helped grandma cooking

Thanksgiving ; family time, grandgirl helped grandma cooking



Frying the Turkey 🦃


Carving 🦃, pic was taken by Charlene

Carving 🦃, pic was taken by Charlene

Thanksgiving menu tradition

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest



Our menu ; (1) Fried Turkey, (2) Stuffing & Corn, (3) Pecan Pie, (4) Sweet potatoes with Marshmallow, (5) Mashed potatoes

Oops I didn’t have salad picture (fresh & good salad made by Tara) I always shy to take food picture coz not many people take food pic before eat here (different in Indonesia; take food pic before it is common 😜) . The foods all ready and time to feast.


Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

We sat together, said words and enjoyed the meals, the food was delicious ; turkey & cranberry sauce are my favorite, more than the foods I love the atmosphere when you enjoy the food with your close one, it was noisy as the nieces were really excited and we were enjoyed family time.

Thanksgiving means for my Hubby : “Taking a day to be thankful for everything and relaxing time”

I’m very touched by my mom in law quotes : “Thanksgiving means to me a time to give God thanks for incredible blessings throughout the year. I’m so thankful every day for my amazing husband and family, and this summer we added a new member. What a blessing to have Matt find and marry such a special Sari!! I’m so thankful to God for both of you. What a gift to meet Sari’s family! I’m thankful for our daughter Heidi who is a blessing to her patients. I’m thankful for Tara and Neal, loving parents of our precious grandgirls!! What a blessing! I’m thankful for the harvest. My family worked hard again this year to use God’s gifts of rain, sunshine, and soil in the best way we knew how to produce food for the world. I’m thankful for the brave immigrants who have come to our country and made it a great place to live. I’m thankful for the people who serve our country in the military and sacrifice so much so that we can worship God in peace. I thank God for the greatest blessing, His son Jesus!”

At My first Thanksgiving day I thanks God for pretty sunrise that I see every morning, thankful for the harvest, thankful for my close friends, my family & new family & Champ ; I’m so blessed to be part of Bainbridge family and I’m so thankful for my best friend & my love ; Matt, I always amaze how God works for us.

At the end Thanksgiving day not only about Turkey, football, Macy’s parade but family come together share precious moment. Let our lives be full of thanks & giving and remember there is always something to thankful for.

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11 responses to “First Thanksgiving in USA!!”

  1. Lenny lou says:

    I am so blessed to be part of your best friend also sar, may god bless you always nonon

  2. Angling says:

    I guess never too late to say..Happy Thanksgiving to u and ur new fam ci.. 😘😘

    Send my warm hug from here.

  3. Erwin says:

    What amazing experience.
    Sari described clearly all the food make me fell ‘ngecess’.

  4. enencantique says:

    it looks so yummy :9
    happy thanks giving nonon gendut,.

  5. Carol Lingemann says:

    Sari, What a beautiful way to celebrate your first Thanksgiving in the USA. Charlene really said it all. And this year we all are especially thankful that you joined our Bainbridge/Lingemann family. We pray that you will be able to adjust to our ways and our culture and that you will share yours with us. Happy first Thanksgiving.

  6. Lita says:


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