I don’t like Epcot but ❤ it ( Walt Disney World )


Epcot was not on our list to visit in Orlando, but on our last day we decided to visit Epcot which I didn’t expect to be as much fun as Magic Kingdom, but guess what? I love Epcot !!

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Spanning 300 acres, Epcot is more than twice as big as the Magic Kingdom, has plenty attractions to offer, these are the attractions I love in Epcot:

🎡 Future World ride :

Spaceship Earth

It is a slow ride yet very educating and enjoyable, going through time depicting the evolution of human achievement, from stone age to modern-day. I also like how neat we can select what would we like to do in future and can see it in cute video and it was a fun ride inside the big Epcot ball! 👍👍👍

Ride Spaceship Earth inside the Epcot ball


Living with the land

For the first 10 seconds in the dark ride I thought, um it just a so-so ride, but when I get to greenhouse part all look so stunning, so informative and educational, shows you agriculture and new technology to make agriculture more efficient and environmentally friendly. It was a really neat ride. I Love this ride 👍👍👍



My hubby and I absolutely love this ride, we rode twice!! With 180 degree vistas of some of the most iconic landmarks on Earth plus smells from different regions  (smell of fresh grass when in Africa ) and breeze in your face. We flew above Matterhorn, The Great wall of China, the Sydney Harbor in Sydney, The Eiffel Tower, Africa and many more, pleasant and fun ride.

Soarin’ the only picture I have, as they not allow to take picture inside and I scared that I will drop my phone too 😜

📸 Photo with Characters

Say hello to beloved Disney friends  🤗

With Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy 🙆


🌏 World showcase

Can we explore the world in just one day?

Yes we can! We had lunch in Japan, snack in Norway, tea in China and dinner in Morocco.

Epcot world showcase is the answer 😉 ( I will have special blog for world showcase )


Epcot World Showcase’s Flags  ( Source : Google )


🎆 IllumiNations : Reflection of Earth

IllumiNations Epcot (Source : Google )

A wonderful nightly fireworks show starting at 9 pm, about 15 minutes collaborations of laser lights, fountain fire, pyrotechnics and music is the fab way to end a night at Epcot.

Our one day value ticket for Epcot, include the tax was $ 103,31 per person ( The price maybe vary by season) and it was worthwhile for us 😉

Little note : My hubby like IllumiNations otherwise I love Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Magic Kingdom, however both are awesome.
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11 responses to “I don’t like Epcot but ❤ it ( Walt Disney World )”

  1. Diski says:

    seruu banget sari ke theme park terus.. jadi kalau suruh pilih lebih suka epcot atau magic kingdom?

  2. arman says:

    kita juga suka ama soarin… seru… 😀

  3. Lisna says:

    Ahhhh my kid and I will love this. Seru banget pasti main dan explore di sana yaaa..

  4. monda says:

    salam kenal Sari,
    aku dari blognya Dewi Nielsen.. ..
    seruu ya main ke theme park dan suka banget foto2mu cantik

  5. Masirwin says:

    dari blog ini saya sadari,, ternyata saya belum mahir mengartikan bahasa inggris… uhh sedih nya

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