My First Commodity Classic

Commodity Classic is an annual farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade farm show and in 2017 was held at Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, San Antonio. Matt says Commodity Classic is the largest farm show in USA and  people in farming Industries come to the see it. He did not exaggerate, my first time at Commodity Classic I saw thousands of people from different states, young and old, men and women even some people bring their kids to enjoy the trade show.

Crowd at the registration

Kids are enjoying the trade show

As a person new to agriculture and don’t know what to expect from Commodity classic, I was impressed ; the technology, brand new equipment, the information and seminar.

My Favorite things to do in Commodity Classic :

Collect good free stuff from every booth.

Silly right?! I guess all woman like free good stuff or just me ?

I saw a middle age lady bring at least 5 bags 😜 for me, I should make a good sort of stuff before I pick it as I need to take it home , so I only get some “good stuff” t-shirt, man’s gloves, pen, hat, tumbler, etc.

Some free stuff from trade show ☺️

Watch the cool brand new tractor, equipment and new technology 

Never ever let your farmer bring checkbook or credit card to trade show, his desire to shop is same as woman at Mall SALE :p

Green Tractor 😉

Meet new people

Actually I’m typically wall flower : always shy to say HI first to new people but in this event I should try to  do conversation and not always following and bugging Matt.

At one cocktail reception I prefer to find the food while Matt chit chat with his friend, and I decided to say Hi to one lady and sit by her, and what a small world she is friend to my father in law. Another guy sit at the same table and he said ” I saw you around today, taking some picture by the river” and we talked and guess what he also a friend of father in law. The other day I walked and took picture by the river and one middle age guy talked to me :

The Guy : Isn’t pretty to take picture of those colorful flower and umbrella? This is the first time you are here?
Me : Yes first time in San Antonio and it is beautiful view here
The Guy : Where are from?
Me : South Dakota, my hubby is going for the meeting so I’m walking around here
The Guy : South Dakota??? Me too, I’m from Sioux Fall. What your husband name?
Me : Matt, I’m from Ethan
The Guy : I know one guy from Ethan (He mention my dad in law name)
Well I guess my dad is celebrity :p

I also had a good time talk to some others lady and Farmer’s wife, listen to their story and humor. I was impressed how they help on the farm like driving the grain cart or combine.

Attend the Seminar

I attended 3 seminar and I confess that one seminar I was so sleepy and didn’t listen very good, but at special for woman in AG I enjoyed and listen to them :

Successful farming, Talk : FarmHer by Marji Guyler-Alanis

I like how Marjie shared she found photography passion for women in Agriculture when she watched superbowl 2013 TV commercial and her video about women in Ag were inspiring

Check her website at

Source : Bing

Holy Crap! I married a Farmer by Jolene Brown

I like Jolene, attending her seminar was fun and full of humor, she was funny describing life married to a farmer. I read her book ” Holy Crap! I married a Farmer ” not more than 2 hours ( English is not my Native language but her book is easy to understand).

Jolene is a nice lady, I emailed her to thank her for the seminar and she replied ; She enjoyed reading my blog and she encouraged me ” Oh the lessons learned on the farm are not always easy, but you have the just-right spirit to enjoy the journey!  “

Check her website at

I have only 3 words to describe my first Commodity Classic ” Exhausted but Fun “

Absolutely I would like to go to 2018 Commodity Classic in Anaheim

Xoxo, Mrs. Farmer

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10 responses to “My First Commodity Classic”

  1. Cicajoli says:

    Dari South Dakota ke San Antonio jauh nggak mba? oh acaranya sejenis pameran gitu ya? tiap tahun gitu diadakannya mba?

  2. helena says:

    huaaaa tractor. suami aku bisa betah di tempat kaya gini😂

  3. arman says:

    kalo ikutan conference gini emang fun dan belajar banyak tapi juga exhausting. hahaha.

  4. Susan says:

    We should have this kind of exhebition for sure here in Indo.I can tell how proud they are to be farmers and how they are appriciated to be one.

    Hopefully Indonesian farmers can stand tall since they are doing a very noble job.

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