My Supermoon was not Super when Beef (can) crawl

I was so excited to see supermoon, November 14, 2016 as NASA posted on instagram “It’s the closest full moon to earth since 1948 and won’t see another supermoon like this until 2034”. But well I missed it!! Evan I can say October 15th moon was so much prettier & bigger ( too bad my smart phone not smart enough to snap it ).


Top : Supermoon in South Dakota by Aaron Groen, Bottom : My pict.


But many things I still grateful for, the day was nice, my sun was super sun, the clouds and skies was beautiful,



and most of all, my farmer already done with harvest! Yayy!! So we can go for a date, not the real two of us date; we attend Beef Crawl an event hosted by AGunited for SD.








It was my first experience attending Beef Crawl, an event to put together cattle farmers and food lovers in one table which they can enjoy food at Sioux Falls Downtown restaurants and also discussing cattle farms and ask anything about cattle raised, well since Matt & I are newly wed some ladies seems more interested to ask how we met 😜😄



∴ Our first stop on Beef Crawl was Prairie Berry East Bank. I like the old building style, athmosphere and nice decoration of this wine bar. For the appetizer Tostada, was yumm.. I voted for Korean BBQ while Matt go with Traditional Mexican Chili with habanero pepper Jelly.


Korean BBQ Tostada & Traditional Mexican Chili Tostada w habanero pepper jelly







∴ Only 2 minutes walk from Prairie Berry East Bank we continued our Beef Crawl for Entrèe at Crave. This was my second time to have suppef at Crave as both time was crowded and noisy.



Our Entrèe was Black and Blue Beef Medallions, just so-so, beef was overcooked, not taste the blue cheese, asparagus wasn’t that fresh only the zucchini was good. So it was not something I craving for (Might be because Matt is a good beef cook so I’m little bit picky for beef). Btw, my first visit my Pan Seared Scallops was incridible.








∴ When we left Crave and walked to Queen City Bakery I saw the moon which not super but pretty still










Queen City Bakery is quite big space and nice open design. We had Mincemeat Pie & Ice cream for dessert, um I didn’t really like the filling but really like the crust and ice cream.








I’m glad we had the chance to join Beef Crawl, it is unique event for foodie and farmers to get along and sharing. ” Keep your friends close and your farmers closer”.


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14 responses to “My Supermoon was not Super when Beef (can) crawl”

  1. Manny says:

    Kereennn bgt sar 😍😍

  2. Lenny Lou says:

    Fotonya bagus bagus nonon 😉 kameranya keren hahaha

  3. Dewi Nielsen says:

    Mbak Sari, aku kunjungan balik nih…Gimana disana sekarang? disini hujan mulu, saban hari, sama es gitu. Kotanya looks so sepi ya 😀 kayak disini..

  4. Jimmy says:

    Want to hear more from u…

  5. Jimmy says:

    Cee Nonon..
    Baru tauu Ternyata skr nan Jauh di Matoo yaa.. liat Photo2 nya asikk bangeett sepertinya..

    Selamaat yaa dengan Hidup yang Baru Sukses selalu dan Langeng selalu..

  6. Vani says:

    Makanan nya menggoda bgt bu…

  7. Tutut says:

    Keren Sari. Aku suka foto awannya 😍

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