The old white farmhouse

What comes to your mind when you see this picture above? “Old house? house in rural area? Spooky house? or beautiful vintage house? I call this house ” The vintage white farmhouse ” because this white house was built on agricultural lands and I like to use vintage even though antique is more accurate term. Portions of the house was built before 1910 and back to hundred years ago whitewashing became known as a cheap and easy to work with that even a youngster could be trusted with it, whitewashed safer for animal also healthy for the wood.

Front Porch View

The glimpse of old farmhouse stand still through the seasons and years


This house has 4 bedrooms at main floor and 3 bedrooms upstairs, one bathroom, one dining room, one living room, one huge great room upstairs and kitchen with unique stove. I never get a chance to go to upstairs and basement as Matt told me it was too dirty, in the end I finally discover there was secret pink room upstairs and many antique stuff at basement. Too bad I don’t have plenty picture inside the house, if only I knew I will write a blog about this house I would take pictures inside the house, well nothing I can do now.

Pictures inside the house

Dining room with Christmas decoration. Dec 2016

The unique stove

First time I came to this house was at night and only thought this house pretty huge for only one person. The next morning I walked by the yard and my impression was this house old and beautiful, the other hand the big trees branches in front of the house make the house looks spooky, my sister said the house looks like the Exorcist scene.

Spooky Looking House ??

Matt had been living in this house since 2003, we lived there for a year and I’ll say, little bit cold in winter as the heater pretty old, little sink bowl leaking which not a big deal, this house works great for 2 of us however not when we plan to build a family so that we decided to tear this house down as this house getting old, and if we renovate the cost for renovation way more expensive than we build new house, especially if we want Chip and Joanne to fixer Upper the house.

Tear Down process begun

Are you ready to tear this house down?

May 13′ 2017 :

Cut down the trees. I love these tree, won’t cut the trees if the trees not dead. The view changing 180 degree after the trees all gone.

Early June we started to move out and we sold quite few furniture and appliances.

June 28′ 2017 :

The Amish help us tear down the house, they took the woods and anything they need or can reuse to build their house or building. To see how they work was amazing to me. They work really fast, no safety things use even they not wear gloves.

July 3rd, 2017 :

Not more than 1 hour the excavator tear down the house easily.

July 6th’ 2017 :

Burn the debris, It took 2 days for the blaze and flame extinguished

More than 10 families at different time had lived in this house before Matt bought the house from his grandma, which means many memories were made in this house ; I heard one beautiful wedding was held in this house, Matt’s dad spent his childhood in this home and Matt spent his bachelorhood (read : Crazy party life), I only had lived here for a year, but this white vintage house keep thousand of memories; the beginning I come to Ethan, my first harvest season, my first winter, and the most important memories is the journey of our new beginning.


 What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever impossible to reproduce. – Karl Langerfeld –


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12 responses to “The old white farmhouse”

  1. Stella says:

    Oh my God, ternyata ini rumah tinggal dirimu… kirain aku rumah random aja gitu kamu suka lewat, mba haha. Sedih juga ya aku ngeliatnya, aku jadi inget rumahku di Bogor dulu, putih semua juga, tapi udah bukan punyaku sekarang hiks. Tapi katanya materi hanya sementara ya yang penting memori 🙂

  2. winda says:

    wah aggak spooky juga ya rumahnya, tapi kalau suasananya berbeda, nggak spooky juga ya, idamanku rumah pedesaan kayak gitu, kayaknya adem dan menenangkan 🙂

  3. Fiberti says:

    Rumah penuh memori ya. Aku ngeliat rumah-rumah seperti itu ingat film-film di channel SyFy mba. Dokumentasinya keren btw.

  4. Lia Harahap says:

    Bukan tipe rumah idamanku sih. Tapi kalau sudah dihuni turun temurun pasti rasanya beda banget ya. Banyak kenangannya.

  5. arman says:

    cakep sih sebenernya ya… tapi kalo malem2 sendirian disitu ya spooky juga kayaknya. hahaha

  6. sarah says:

    wah, lemarinya dijual murah ya. klo disana pasti tak borong

  7. makasih admin artikelnya sangat membantu

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