Valentine’s Day is A Romantic day?

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!!

Valentine’s day it’s not only about flowers, chocolate, jewelry or a romantic date but media and business always associates Valentine with all those 😉 I saw pretty flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day at County Fair, all variety of cards on racks even I saw a man holding a big teddy bear while searching a card at Walmart ( I planed to take the picture of him but afraid he will get mad if noticed i do that 😜).

Well I was not thinking to blog about Valentine’s Day as everyday is Valentine for me and hubby ( That’s newlywed think 💏😊). But I guess It is something special as 2017 Valentine’s Day is our First Valentine together; Our other 2 Valentine we were separated across the water of the deep blue ocean.

So I baked sugar cookies and prepared special breakfast for hubby. It is not about the taste.. but baked with love 😊❤

Matt took me for a date at noon to the most romantic place at another county, the most romantic place for Farmer… The Bull sale/ auction. Yes He is so romantic 😜😍

Bull Auction

It was a big auction at least 500 cattleman at auction, we stayed there about 4 hours. Can you guess what was the highest price for a bull? It was a crazy amount for me “The Bull” more expensive than Ferrari California T. When we decided to leave the auction I saw that high-priced bull and want to take picture closer with it but Matt said c’mon the bull tired, leave him alone.. And he just walked to car and left me near the bull… rrrr such a romantic hubby 😑👾

so I started cranky ( I’m typically silent cranky) so I just keep silent otw home, and when he took another route back home I said “Why you take different way which is far”, Matt ” I wanna get something”, Me : “What is it?” and he said ” Secret”.

Well if he said secret it means something for me… so… I told myself #changemood #abortcranky #abortbeingcranky 🙅🙆


Our love Stories was featured in “Hungry for truth SD”

When I back home from the auction and browsed I was little surprised when found that our story was featuring on “Hungry for truth SD” blog

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Valentine’s Day is Mom in law Birthday

I won’t overstate it but I have the best Mom in law that any woman could ask for. Happy Birthday Mom! 🎂🎁 She also remembered to give us Valentine’s card before She left to meeting.


We had Romantic dinner at Japanese Restaurant

Tokyo Restaurant in Mitchell is my favorite Asian Restaurant in town , this is our 2nd time having supper there and the food was really good.

Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things  – Anonymous –

Even everyday Valentine’s Day but nothing wrong to have special day to celebrate love 🙂

Xoxo, MrsFarmer







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24 responses to “Valentine’s Day is A Romantic day?”

  1. Adriana Dian says:

    Valentine day tentunya ngebuat suasana jadi lebih romantis yaaaaa. Hehehee

  2. Angling says:

    Happy Vals Day Mr and Mrs Farmer ❤❤


  3. Sastri says:

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Sar!! A nice story written about you and Matt!

  4. Selalu suka mampir ke sini, selalu demen liat foto-fotonya. Penuh cinta semua hehehe.

  5. Arman says:

    Cookies nya lucu….

  6. Erny Kurnia says:

    Kak Ahh…. mom in lawnya d best deh.. baca ini juga kebayang happynya walau everyday is valentine yaa hihi

  7. Lily Kanaya says:

    Totally agree, biarpun setiap hari bisa merayakan hari kassih sayang tapi tanggal 14 February tetap jadi hari yang lebih romantis untuk merayakan kasih sayang 🙂

  8. inly says:

    Happy belated valentine day for you and Matt, and happy belated birthday for your mom in law. Btw, tulisan tangan MIL nya kamu, BAGUS banget.. 🙂

  9. nitalanaf says:

    Hahaha Abang Mister really romantic to bring you see bull sale. Happy birthday to Mom in law too. May she health always.

  10. vika says:

    mbak saya seneng dengan tulisannya.. valentine memang penting untuk dirayakan tidak hanya tanggal 14 feb saja , namun setiap hari ya mbak.. salam kenal blogger dari bandung.. tinggal di korea mbak ?? blognya bagus sekali 🙂

  11. Hai dear,

    Ahh, ini menohok banget and I do like it verymuch

    “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things” – Anonymous –

    and this one as well…

    “Even everyday Valentine’s Day but nothing wrong to have special day to celebrate love”

    Hell, yay! Nothing really wrong about that.

  12. shinta says:

    You both are so sweet couple☺️

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