We made it : Happy First Wedding Anniversary to US!

Today is Matt and I’s one year wedding anniversary. How fast this year has gone by, I feel like it was yesterday that I was walking down the aisle, but then when I look back on everything that has happened this 1st year it feels like we have been married for long time.

I’ve been looking back on this past year and our marriage is not at all perfect, it has been quite the roller coaster ; its ups and downs even has flips ; smile, giggle, laugh even tears, but our love makes life a beautiful ride.

I’m thankful to have Matt as my man, partner, other half, bestfriend, and I’m proud to call him my hubby. He is a loving, care, patient, hard worker and responsible, mature but silly at the same time. He compliments my cooking, he ate my fail muffin without complain, he grills great steak and pork ribs, he lets me sleep in in the morning, he never complain if the house is dirty, he loves me the way I am : no makeup, my black hair, my not American accent), even he thinks my high cheekbones are cute (which I don’t like). I love him more and more everyday!

As most Indonesian, I also have a strong believe that “Marry me, Marry my family”, I’m thankful that I’m not only marry the right man but also right family. I’m thankful to have Matt’s family as my family. I’m blessed how love, support and caring both Matt and my family in our marriage life.

Our first year of marriage has been tremendous challenging. We learn : to be a better person; to know about each other more, surprisingly discover each other’s worst habit (his worst habit so far is eat all the ice cream at night!! ) ; to compromise ; not to do what our partner dislike ; to forgive and forget; to communicate well; and most of all we learn to appreciate, respect & love more.

People say the first year of marriage is hardest especially if you married a farmer, yes I agree but I would say the first year of marriage is the sweetest too. even though Our marriage is far from perfect, it is wonderful.

I’m looking forward to what the years will hold us. Matt, you are everything to me, Happy Anniversary!!



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25 responses to “We made it : Happy First Wedding Anniversary to US!”

  1. Sandra says:

    A very happy wedding annive ya Mba dan Babang nya, bahagia selamanya aamiin, btw tanggal nikahnya cantiks yaaa

  2. inly says:

    Happy first wedding anniversary yah Sari dan Matt.. Semoga langgeng terus..

  3. dewi nielsen says:

    Happy anniv Sari sayang…wish you all happines in this world …

  4. Have a blessed wedding anniversary you two !

  5. Stella says:

    Happy wedding anniversary Mr and Mrs Bainbridge, semoga selalu mencintai dan selalu saling memaafkan sepanjang hayat xoxo

  6. Christa says:

    Happy anniversary you two! <3

  7. farida says:

    wah, selamat ya. moga langgeng terus jodohnya 🙂

  8. arman says:

    happy anniversary yaaaa 🙂

  9. Happy anniversary to you both…. Semoga bahagia terus yaahh… 🙂

  10. Erny Kurnia says:

    Kak Sari, happy anniversary! Love banget baca postinganmu kali ini 😉
    Best wishes for you 2!

  11. Hai Sari Happy anniversary ya. Semoga berbahagia selalu dan cepat dapat momongan 😀 .

  12. Fiberti says:

    Happy anniversary mba Sari (berima bgt)…makin awet langgeng

  13. Dila says:

    Langgeng terus dan bahagia terus ya mbak sari. 🙂

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