Winter Wonderland

It is almost the end of February and Yes I still survive in Winter and so far I still love winter! as Matt said ” It is a pretty easy winter this year” So I’m lucky enough, but it is not really easy one.. as my skin got so dry, my face also get dry and crack.. so yucky, every morning I got bloody bugger but Well I guess I adapted well..

Every time I go outside Matt always reminds me ” Put warm clothes on!!” because I don’t really like to wear thick layer of clothes and don’t like to wear gloves on my right hand, sounds silly! and one time Matt warn me ” Do you want to see the picture of what happened if you don’t wear warm enough to go outside?’ ew yucky picture, since then I wear proper warm to go outside 😉. Only to walk not more than 100 meters to get mail on mailbox I also wear proper warm clothes on.

Always remind me to wear warm clothes 👘👢

Full cover to get the mail

Mom in law knitted these for me 💛

When you asked your hubby to take picture.. Yup the result is funny face 😜

View from window

My top 5 Fun activities during the winter :

Accompany Matt meeting and I have nice me time 🙆

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Build the snowman and throw boiling water in the air ☃

Build the snowman fun but not as easy as I thought. Here it is my not so perfect snowman 😄☃


Play in the snow with nieces ❄

Matt pushing the snow for the sleding hill 😉 🎢

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Play with cows and calves 🐃



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36 responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Aaakk kece banget saljunya.. Ku pengen banget deh Mba bisa nginjekin kaki di salju gitu, tapi kapan ya di Indo ndak ada musim salju hahaha >.<

  2. Ria says:

    my God… the snow looks so thick! hhahaha, kl salju tipis mah es krim dong 🙂 Mama mertuanya baik sekaliiii… suka liat pernak pernik penghangat badan buat kamu

  3. kutukamus says:

    Have ourselves all covered up just for getting the mail? Ugh, I can only imagine.. 🙂 Love that first pic. >-I

  4. indah nuria says:

    We all love snow! Snow angels and building snowman are our favorite activities during winter as well! Tapi kalau winternya kelamaan sebel juga yaaa mba hehehe

    • Susah ternyata ya mba Indah bikin snowman hehehe. Iya nih dah 5 bulan lebih bolak balik salju mulu pingin liat yang hijau-hijau.. kaya hari ini salju lagi hadeh, ya tapi dinikmati aja 🙂

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