Christmas 2017


I hope everyone had a dazzling Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go but not our house, our house was messy of  boxes and totes. Our week before Christmas was hectic, chaos but full of excitement, a lot of cleaning, packed & unpacked, organized and reorganized, full of last minute deals ; last minute Christmas decoration, last minute Christmas tree, last minute wrapping presents and the worst part we didn’t bake cookies at all this year.

Here’s the glimpses of last minute Christmas at the Bainbridge :

Christmas songs and Christmas Light

In the city on the hill
Hear the bells chime
Peace on earth good will
Its Christmas time
Glad tidings we will bring
of Christ the new born king
And with the angels sing at Christmas time

Oh well at least I have list that we one step ahead :

  • We put Christmas light around the house 3 days after the Thanksgiving.
  • I listened to the Christmas songs every time I had a chance; Morning while prepare breakfast, shower time, what I love most here all the radio play Christmas song on their playlist!!

Wrapping the presents 

Last minutes wrapping the presents was fun, but the most fun part was the nieces came to visit and caught me while I wrap the presents!!

As last year this year Matt also spoiled me with presents, this year I had 5 🎁  from Santa Matt!! He told me : “If the package come under his name don’t open it because that gonna be your present!” I was a good girl not open the package but the sender mention on the package that it is the Vacuum cleaner!! so don’t blame me I knew what it is 😜

My sister sent this to tease me, after I told her that I asked Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas 😆

The perfect Christmas Tree.

Yay, this year we are having real Christmas tree 🎄. Our original plan was to buy tree, but irresponsible person run over our 15 feet beautiful spruce tree at side yard, rather than buy new one so we decided to use it, Matt cut it to 7 feet and fit perfectly near the fireplace. I experienced extra work to do with having real Christmas tree, like water it everyday & clean the fall needle, however it paid off as the spruce trees smells good and look beautiful in our living room. I just love it.

Matt cut the tree


The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect. – Charles N Barnard

Christmas ornaments shopping

Last year I didn’t buy too many ornaments, but this year Oh my gosh I spent little bit too much 😬 Shopping Christmas ornaments could be much more fun than I thought.

I visited different shops in downtown Mitchell and found out some store are really nice. One shop really enchanting; Bonnie’s Dekor, with tagline : ” Discover us, and you wont forget us!” that was true, I thought it was small shop but wow!! The more I explore inside the store the more room I found, to the left, to the right, basement, upstairs, really!! It was huge shop and have lot of beautiful stuff!!



Christmas Card

Yes we also ordered Christmas card on last minute!!

Our Second year Christmas Card


Always love to read Christmas cards from family and friends


Christmas movie marathon, date night

We didn’t watch too many Christmas movie this year, only : Office Christmas party, Christmas Vacation, The Grinch and of course Home Alone 1 and 2nd.


Family time

The Magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest of gifts are Family & Friends.

This year our sister was not home for Christmas but thanks God for Facetime so we still can celebrate Christmas together.

Feast, feast and feast

Click here to read more about our feast (The Bainbridge Family Tradition) 



Opening the presents 🎁🎁


Christmas Eve Service with love one


Christmas Pajama

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I always dream 3 things for my Christmas :

Real Christmas tree 
White Christmas
and Celebrate it with love one
And those all happen in 2017 

Merry Christmas from us!

Let there be peace, love & joy on earth and let it begin with me and our little family

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6 responses to “Christmas 2017”

  1. Ria says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sari. Hope you had lovely time with the family. I like your Christmas tree and your house looks cosy❤️

  2. Zia says:

    It was a joyful Xmas. What a wonderful celebration. Beautiful family. Sending warm regards from Indonesia c Sari. 😘

  3. Arman says:

    Merry Christmas sari!

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