Happy Birthday My Love

As I celebrate his birthday I think again of when God first brought him into my life. I still remember first time I met him ; big guy in light blue shirt, he was a bit sweating & face red with friendly smile greet me. I let him to sit and we have a small conversation, he is kinda easy to carry the conversation so not make me nervous around him at all. He is American, in Jakarta only for few day for soybean trade mission, when he described what he does for living ; His blue eyes told me that he has passion for it, I never met a man who wholehearted talking about his work as passionate as he did.

One point He asked me “When is your birthday?”
Me : ” September 11, yours?”
He replied : “Today!” (Seems he wanted me to know that it was his birthday 😛)
It was surprising and I feel bad for him , in his special day not family surround and he worked far away from his country and in a second I said “Let’s find the cake”.
The place cross my mind was secret recipe but it was closed so we find another cake cafe and he had a cheese cake as birthday cake.


We had a short meeting not more than 30 minutes, nice chit-chat, had cake and exchanged facebook & instagram ( sounds weird, why not phone number 🤔😄). At the end of our conversation when I wanna give shake hands, he said ” Can I get a goodbye hug?”. It is not common for asian (actually me) to give hug to stranger man, but I did give him an awkward hug.
For sure that first met my heart not whispered he is the one, I never think that something will happen between us, as the next day he fly back to USA, didn’t think will celebrate his birthday in the future and did not think to meet him again someday.
2 years later, Today December 9th, 2016, I celebrate his birthday, not as stranger nor friend but as his closest friend, as his wife. In His birthday, I flashback, ponder and I recalled a verse from bible

Ecclesiastes 3 : 11


Undeniable that God brought us together 2 years ago, not only to give you cheese cake thru the girl named Sari, but also give you a bigggg birthday present, that was me 😍😍 and you are as my gift likewise.
Since this is your birthday & our second years full of love, I want to say;

Happy Birthday to the loveliest husband in the world

I’m the best thing that happened to You 😚😛

And I love You 💕💕

Homemade Birthday Cheesecake

Homemade Birthday Cheesecake


I love you because you modest  

I love you because you protect and comfort me

I love you because you have a nurturing and you take care of me

I love you because you have a huge body oops heart

I love you because you grill great steaks & ribs 

I love you because you are hardworker 

I love you because you are smart and silly at the same time

I love you because you always say I'm pretty

I love you because you like my foods


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7 responses to “Happy Birthday My Love”

  1. Christa says:

    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  2. Angling says:

    Dear babang Mat..shout happy bday here from Jakarta to u..hope to see u very soon cici and the happiest bday babang 😘😘

  3. nitalanaf says:

    What a nice story. Thanks for sharing this, mba. And even late, regards to your husband. Happy birthday and may God always bless both of you 🙂

  4. Swastikha says:

    Happy birthday to your husband.

    It’s nice story

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