Hubby working, Wife Shopping ( Disney Springs, Orlando )

This was my first trip in 2017. I joined hubby to the meetings and had short vacation ; little escape from cold ❄

When we landed, I could feel humidity and warm of Orlando sun. On the way to hotel I saw high buildings, tropical trees and traffic, I told to my hubby “Its feel like home, Jakarta” and he smiled “The buildings are not as high as Jakarta tho”.  After on the road for 50 minutes we reached hotel, It was a really nice hotel, make me really feel this is the vacation 😍. (Not as usual He had meeting the hotel is more like the business hotel).

We stayed for 6 days and in 2 days hubby attended meeting, so I had me time. First day of meeting I went to Disney Springs, it is pretty close to hotel -+10 minute by taxi and cost $ 20.

Mickey Statue, Disney Springs, Orlando

OMG!! After 7 months I have not gone to big mall, visiting  Disney Springs make me cheery, it was not because I missed mall, but the atmosphere at Disney Springs was really pleasant, an outdoor shopping centre ; Disney entertainment, shopping and restaurants.

There are at least 110 shopping options and 55 dining options, but these top 5 reasons why I like Disney Springs:

1. Character in Flight (Helium Balloon Ride).

I’m typically scared of height but as I reached Disney Springs I can’t take my eyes off that big balloon and suddenly I have the courage to ride the balloon. 10 minutes later I rode the Balloon, ascending 400 feet in the air, I hovered for about 10 minutes, experiencing breathtaking 360-degree stunning vistas up to 10 miles away views of the Disney Springs area and I could see Epcot ball too. It was windy so they only 6 guests per flight, at normal weather they will allow up to 29 plus one pilot. It made me little nervous when wind came up and little bumpy indeed it was incredible experience for $ 18.

What a view from the balloon, Disney Springs

2. Mickey’s Pantry

Mickey Pantry is kinda a small shop but has unique touch of disney home and kitchen products.

Who wants those apron? 😍

3. Disney’s Days of Christmas.

Disney’s Day of Christmas, Disney Springs

When I saw this store, I whispered to myself ” Yay Christmas stuff on discount as Christmas season already ended, so I can buy cheap discount Christmas stuff” but when I wondered around the store NO discount at all for those pretty Christmas decorations  😅. Because it always Christmas and celebrate Christmas all year-long at Disney Springs.

Christmas tree ornament

4. World of Disney

Picture source : World of Disney

This is my favorite shop at Disney Springs, all Disney collection are all there. 12 rooms brimming with : Gifts & Housewares; Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories; Toys & Plush; Camera & Media and Mickey Ears, all Disney characters have all their own spot 😍💛. I am not a number one fans of Disney but I was there for at least 3,5 hours and skipped my lunch .

Actually you also can visit for online shopping but if you visit the store it give you different sensation & happiness 😍.

World of Disney store in Disney Springs

These only fews mugs, more than 100 mugs on display

Display at Disney Store, It is January but still Christmas tree everywhere

It all started with a mouse, if you can dream it you can do it

Disney Pen & pencil

Lollipop and Minnie

5. The Art of Disney

The Art of Disney is an interesting store, full of works of art that inhabit this shop. For this little shop I spent at least 40 minutes just to say Wow, Wow and Wow for the impressive arts there.

Beauty & The Beast Corner


Rapunzel, my Favorite disney Princess


Talented artist work in the corner

Hubby came with me at Second day visited “The art of Disney”, so here I am strike a pose 😊

I had wonderful time at Disney Springs;  first day by myself & 2nd short one with hubby 💛 Btw me and hubby were really good teamwork He worked and I shopped 😄.

I would love to share more Disney story on my next blog.

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38 responses to “Hubby working, Wife Shopping ( Disney Springs, Orlando )”

  1. Fatma says:


  2. Stephanie says:

    Gua jg tahun lalu baru dari sana. Bagus ya… rasanya pengen beli semua nya trus ga mau pulang

  3. Arman says:

    Ke toko toko Disney emang selalu menyenangkan ya. Walaupun gak gimana gimana amat ama Mickey mouse tp semua look so cute. Hahaha.

    Setau gw toko toko di disney parks emang gak pernah sale. Barang lama nya bakal di sale nya di disney outlet.

  4. ina says:

    wow…tempatnya asyik banget….ga kebayang klu anak saya ke sini..pasti heboh banget dia…tapi kapan saya ke sini ya ?

  5. Molly says:

    Duh aku bisa kalap kalo masuk toko Disney, mba. Hahahaha😂. Gemesh liat semua barang-barangnya! Puas pastinya.

  6. Wooow it makes me miss Orlando and Disneyland so much! Dulu waktu kecil tinggal di sana cuman 2 jam dari Orlando. Sekarang udah balik lagi ke Indo dan selalu mupeng pengen ke Disney lagi! Love your picture too mbak. Have a happy holiday! 🙂

    • Aww mada kecil kamu pasti bahagia banget deket gitu ke Disney 😍, thank you Fara.. Balik lagi ke Orlando or ke Disney Shanghai katanya spektakuler juga yg Shanghai 😍😍😍 padahal saya bukan penggemar Disney pas dsana jadi tersihir oleh magicnya Disney hehe

  7. Susan says:

    Aahh…anakku abby pasti girang luar biasa kalo bisa kesini.

    Salam kenal dari bekasi ya.. 😊

  8. farida says:

    Wuiiih… serunyaaa…
    Suka sekali liat patung mickey yang pertama.
    Akhirnya ya bisa menaklukkan rasa takut dengan naik hot balloon.
    Asyik banget pastinya.
    thx for sharing 🙂

  9. Seru banget mba, semua tentang Disney selalu gemesin. Semoga nanti bisa sampai Disney Orlando, salam kenal ya Mba 😀

  10. Rotun DF says:

    Mbaaaa, yaampun heboh aku liatin DIsney, huhuhu. Doakan bisa kesana sama anak-anakku. Penggemar disney garis keras sih kalau mereka, hahaha.
    Disney stuffnya masih nyimpen nggak Mba? Maulah aku beliiii xD

  11. nitalanaf says:

    My God, so amazing. The balloon can be for 29 guests, wow 😀 Should have lots of dollars for coming to Mickey’s house cause almost all things are so cute.

  12. cumilebay says:

    Eh murah amat naik balon udara nya cuman $18 yaaa 🙂

  13. Ceritaeka says:

    I love the way you take pictures :*

  14. Dewi Nielsen says:

    Daerahnya ini lebih panas ya Sar dari tempat kalian tinggal? bisa pake short pants 😀

  15. inly says:

    Keren yahh dalamnya.. lihat2 fotonya Sari dulu, belum kesampean kesananya. haha..

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